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Lotus Album Launch Party

LOTUS is  the 7th Studio Album of my queen Christina Aguilera (@TheRealXtina). One of her best album because it’s empowering and motivating and expresses freedom! According to your royal highness as posted on her Twitter account, “Lotus represents an unbreakable flower that survives under the hardest conditions and still thrives”, which I believe is truly inspiring.

It’s been 3 months since it was release and it only sold 210,000 copies flop???,WHATEVER!!! Anyway, the first single Your Body (which I already blogged) topped the Hot Dance Club Songs on Billboard  and was named video of the year by fuse.tv beating out Katy Perry, Gaga and Justin Bieber. The second single was Just A Fool duet with co-mentor on “The Voice” Blake Shelton, which is very heartfelt, even Kelly Clarkson gushed about this song. And just recently, she sang (I guess) her third single Blank Page at The People’s Choice Award which she was honored and given the award as The People’s Voice. Lotus is now a certified Platinum album and Gold in Canada.

November 19. 2012 was the official release date here in the Philippines. I knows it’s TOO late to blog it, but I don’t wanna miss this one because this is about Xtina and about the Fighters and Unbreakable Flowers (Xtina’s Stans) here in Manila. Actually it was supposedly on the 16th, luckily it was moved on the 19th because if it wasn’t rescheduled I might miss it because that was also the “Silver” concert of Regine Velasquez.

A friend joined me and decided to meet at around 4pm at Odyssey in SM Megamall, as usual I was late and arrived around 6:30 PM. . The party  has  not yet started when I arrived and there were like 30 or so Xtina fans who attented the event and most of them were gays. I excitedly fell in line and bought the album until I saw a very disturbing albums!!! CD’s of GAGA!

The Party Must Go On. Move on na kay GAGA!!!

556790_4031746477550_970316407_n (1)

They also had games all about XTINA which I din’t participate coz I was shy. They had  prices like posters, stickers, magazines, DVD’s, Albums and other stuff. They also served wine, which I was not given!!!

DSC_1220 DSC_1228



I soooo love the color and the concept of Xtina’s Album. PINK!


They put a lot of effort especially in creating a Lotus Flower made of papers. Lurve It


460 bucks worth of a Masterpiece AlbumDSC_1222


The very patient Medz who is now an Xtina Fan

I decided to leave early coz I was starving and I had work that night. We went to have ciggies before going to Bon Chon.





The event was pretty boring and awkward. The stans were timid and a bit shy and seems like they didn’t want to make the first move to get to know other people (ouch I’m guilty!). I was not really on my best behavior that night maybe because I got to listen to the Tulfo Brothers over the radio while on the way to the mall, which made me feel irritated and changed my mood, I super hate them.

Though the album launch was not that uber fun which I thought it would be, I liked and appreciated the fact that we were there to support our idol. I saw in their eyes how happy and excited everyone were while listening to Lotus. I think they had a great time coz after the launch they went somewhere for a drink and hopefully next time, Xtina Stans will rock the next album launch. Who knows, it might be this year?! I loved how the Fighters and Unbreakable Flowers UNITE for their Queen. Cheers to all the loyal fans of Christina Aguilera.


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Massage at Spada Wellness Center

Stressed, Tired and Exhausted? Then Massage or Spa is all you needed. Massage brings relaxation, comfort and happiness. It also promotes freshness and well being which I really love. They are everywhere, they’re all over the Metro! No matter where you at, you’ll see Spas and Wellness Centers in every corner, like in Malls.

Well, I’m not really addicted to Massage and Spa, I only go there if I’m stress or exhausted. I tried different kind of Massage but I guess they’re all the same. What matters to me is the Masseur (gorgeous one please. hehehe) and the Services (if you know what I mean).

The only Spas that I’ve been to, that I can remember of was when I went to Bacolod for a vacation. It is located at a hotel in the downtown area, I just forget the name. Anyway, I tried their Sauna, It was great because the room was made of Bamboos and they have this huge area that has burned charcoals (Pugon lang ang Peg!). The massage was good and the fee is reasonable.

I also tried Holistic Approach in SM Megamall.  Well, the only thing that I can remember is the front desk not being accommodating but the service was just fine.


Here comes Spada Wellness Center.

Wanna Try the SPADA Touch?!


Located along Taft Ave. near G.Puyat LRT Station. Spada is a Wellness Center for everybody. If you want privacy, relaxation and a sensual massage, then you might wanna try them.

I’ve been to Spada twice. They offered a lot of “Services”, the popular ones are the FHM/For Him Massage and the Lingam Massage (500+). The massage is good for an hour or so and they played sweet, soft and mellow instrumental music on the background. The SPAda is a small Wellness Center, especially the receiving area. Once you go inside, obviously its dark but its somewhat different. I’m talking about the bed because its not the typical elevated bed that you’ll see in other Spas. The bed is just on the floor with curtains on each side and a locker without a key (I’m wondering why?!).  The bathroom is ordinary but clean, though you just need to go to the 2nd floor if you wanna pee or something. It’s relaxing and it’s very quiet unlike in other Spas. Try it!

In all fairness, the Masseurs are presentable and most of them are good looking. They are very kind, friendly and accommodating. They will treat you like a King well, in my case a “Queen”.  They are well equipped and trained and the Services is really Amazing! Don’t have a car? Don’t worry because they will look and hailed a Cab for you.

One thing I don’t like is the location. It is situated along Taft Ave., which is somewhat polluted in the morning and when the night comes it’s a bit scary because it’s kinda dark and the street lamps are scanty. They don’t have Security Guard as well, so Hello to holdapers. I hope they will hire a Security Guard for the customer safety and if ever they will, I will surely be back and bring my friends over.


They also have branches in Las Pinas and Cubao, Quezon City.

Contact Nos:
254–4605 – Spada Taft
873–8371 – Spada Las Piñas
921–3485 – Spada Cubao
921–3487 – Spada Cubao


Any Spas or Wellness Center you might wanna recommend? Leave a comment!



Dead Rat, Jatujak (My Rest Day) Pt. 1

Rest Day or Day Off is a day when we are not required to work our ass off.  All employees and hard workers are looking forward to their “Rest Days” , who’s not??? , some will plan it ahead of time and everyone deserves to have an amazing Rest Day.  Here’s what happened on “My Rest Day”. Unplanned, Unexpected, and oh so Spontaneous!

Friday, May 11, 2012, My Rest Day. I woke up at around 9 AM, had breakfast and did the laundry (Yes, I do my own laundry and I’m proud of it!). It was just the usual and typical Rest Day for me. Suddenly, a horrifying, terrifying near to death experience came up…


I decided to take a bath while doing my laundry because it was really hot. The moment I came out of the bathroom (Siyempre Freshness!), I heard My Aunt and Cousin screaming to death. I knew by then what was happening, I sensed it right away. They saw a Huge Dead Rat under the sofa chair in our living room. I can see how terrified and disgusted they were. Anyway,  My Aunt, wants me to take that HUGE Dead Rat and dispose it. I was like thinking, “they are both Nurses, isn’t it just normal for them to see  dead creatures, or they might be tripping, joking or something”, but they were Bloody SERIOUS. I had no choice but to obey my Aunt, she’s been very kind, understanding and patient with me. She never asked me much of  a favor, especially any of the household chore (Prinsesa lang?!). So, I had to be strong, calm and focus. It took me a couple of minutes to dispose that fucking rat and it really stinks. After I completed the task I felt relieve and somewhat proud, I was like the Wonderwoman OR  Superman of the day. I even Tweeted the incident and post it on My Facebook Account.

KYOHO means (a Gay Lingo) means Mabaho, Bad Smell, Stinky.


The next highlight of “My Rest Day” —> I went to Medical Plaza in Ortigas, to visit my Dentist. Unfortunately, I wasnt able to meet her because I was late, I think I arrived at around 6pm. I was really dissapointed, and since I was starving I went to SM Megamall and went straight to Jatujak (Thai Restaurant), one of my favorite restaurant. I ignored all the Sales and Shops because I was soo hungry! Deadmaru muna akez sa mga Sales and I intended to avoid Window Shoppping (mahirap na! haha).

I read somewhere that Jatujak is the largest weekend market in Bangkok and in the world – a haven for bargain hunters and Thai food lovers. According to WikipediaChatuchak (or JatujakThai: จตุจักร) weekend market in Bangkok is the largest market in Thailand. WHATEVER! hehe

Anyway, I love the foods in Jatujak Thai Restaurant and how they prepare it. It doesnt look like a high end resto (heads up for the feeling Conos and Sosyals. hehe), but I believe it shouldn’t be the case or the basis for you guys to enjoy your Rest Day, what important is how delicious their food is. I love the ambience of their Resto, it’s very simple and laid back, very comfortable and you will feel like you are really in Thailand (though I’ve never been there). The waiters uniform is a FAIL, very Thai! I dont like it, but its okay. The waiters naman are kind and very accommodating. Here’s what I ordered:

Bagoong Rice and Thai Pad Mix

Bagoong Rice and Thai Pad Mix (Super Spicy Please)

Forgive me with the photo, Im a bad photographer and my Blackberry Camera Phone Sucks, that is why I did’nt take a lot of pictures.

Here’s a proper picture of what I ordered.

Bagoong Rice (P165)

Bagoong Rice – My All Time Favorite! It has chopped Mangoes, Cucumber, Eggs and Beef on the side. I think before, If Im not mistaken, they used to have Dilis and Shrimps as part of the Toppings. Dunno what happened?!

Pad Thai Mix (P265)

The reason why its called Pad Thai Mix, its because it has a combination of “Mix”of Chicken and Shrimp. You can choose either Pad Thai Chicken or Pad Thai Shrimp. I just thought to my self while ordering, “Why Choose, If I can have them both”.

Thai Iced Tea (P100+)

At first I didnt like the taste and the smell of this Tea. I was like “Damn It! Sayang! I should’ve ordered Service Water instead!” But, when you started eating your  spicy and delicious meal, you’ll enjoy it. Thai Iced Tea compliments the spiciness and the taste of the Bagoong Rice. Try It!

You also have an option if you like your meal to be Super Spicy– to Medium or just the Normal Taste.

All the servings and meals are good for 2-3 persons. Well, as always di ko naubos, so nag take-out ako and just gave it to a friend.

Stores Location (Click the link) —->  Jatujak, SM MegamallJatujak, SM The BlockJatujak, SM Mall of Asia

Too Tired  of going to these biggest Malls in the Philippines? and worried about the traffic?, they also DELIVERS  <— CLICK!!!

Now that’s the 1st part of my Blog Entry. Im running out of time and I need to prepare for work! Watch Out for my next entry..

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