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I was at work last night when this “Current Hot Topic got into my attention. Friends at work were talking about this AMALAYER thing, and I didn’t have any idea what it was coz I don’t watch TV that much and I was really starving that moment so I wasn’t paying attention. At first I was like “Not Interested”, but a lot of people keeps on talking about it. It’s a trending topic on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. So here comes Miss Curiosity…

I watched the video through Melai’s Ipod. I was like WTF?! The not so pretty girl was really mad at the video screaming and humiliating the poor lady guard at the Santolan LRT Station.

But let’s give The AMALAYER Lady the benefit of the doubt…

The whole incident wasn’t caught on the video. A lot of people doesn’t know what the real story was. But why did she react that way? There must have been a valid reason why the girl was fuming mad with the lady guard. I don’t think that the girl is an attention seeker or totally crazy to act that way if she was not provoked or something. There must have been a valid reason behind it.

Or maybe not…??? Maybe AMALAYER was just having a bad day.

Anyway, let’s just say that it’s the guard’s fault, is it proper to act that way in public? Did the LG deserve that kind of treatment in front of many people. AMALAYER Lady told LG that she’s educated, but why was she acting that way. If I was the guard I already punch the bitch and knock her out….. hehehehe 🙂


The Not So Classy Video


It’s getting viral it already has Parodies on YouTube.


Watch their interview on GMA-7‘s 24 Oras


Stay Fierce and Fab



You’re my TOPMAN ;)

Calling all the Shopaholics out there! Super Mega Sale is currently on going (all over the Metro). If you wanna go on shopping this is the right time to rush to the mall and shop till you drop! Here is one of my fave shops.


One of the coolest clothing brand ever! I love their  pretty plain basic t-shirts, you’ll feel comfortable and fasyon when you wear it.

Here are some photos of me wearing TOPMAN


 A photoshoot with a friend at work! I was actually modelling her Nine West Wallet, but yes I’m wearing a Topman Shirt with a Scarf and a Bunny Ear. Weird eh?!


This was taken in ILOILO during a vacation with friends.


In Bohol with friends. BJ the guy on the left side gave me this shirt, as a Christmas Gifts (one of my favorite shirt)


At Bohol Port, Going to Cebu. Dont have much space for my Dopie slipper that’s why I’m bringing it. hehe


With Ish at Harbour Square


 Vintage Topman Shirt. This shirt is such a mess, very dirty, with lots of stain and holes, but I loved it! I called this

“The Contoversial Shirt”


Yah, this time I was bringing my shoes (Not enough space). On our way to Bohol !


 Bohol Hanging Bridge


With the pretty Melai, at a Neon Party at Embassy Superclub! We were both wearing a Pink Neon Shoes!


You can easily notice this Topman Shoes! You’re gonna stand Out!

I know Im being unfair coz I only focus on one clothing brand, while there are a lot of other brands that’s on SALE as well, DEADMA. Well, If you wanna know Whats on SALE simply go to Spot.ph. This site is one of my favorite local website very informative and easy to browse.

You can find Topman stores in the Philippines at: Alabang Alabang Town Center, Level  2 Manila Robinsons Place Manila, Level  1 Mandaluyong Robinsons Galleria Mall, Level 2 The Podium, Level 3 Makati Greenbelt 3 Mall, Level  1 Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Level 2 Pasay SM Mall of Asia, Level 2 (Main Mall) Quezon City Trinoma Mall, Level 3.

Enjoy Shopping.