Are you Bionic?

One of my favorite interview of Christina Aguilera. Very fierce and honest! One of the few female artist who is very open and unapologetic, very true to herself and is fearless.

BIONIC is one of the best record ever. Futuristic sound didnt appeal that much to the public last 2010 because it was sabotaged by Lady Gaga, Akron, some producers and Perez Hilton but if you know how to appreciate real music and creativity it doesnt matter if it didnt sell that much as compare to her previous records. Bionic is the album you’ll appreciate electronica sound of music, a very fun and playful album and the rawness and realness of Xtina’s voice makes her legendary and a true artist.

Christina Aguilera is a strong woman and know what she really wants and is comfortable with herself and sexuality. She’s one of a kind! She’s just a Bionic woman!

What makes you BIONIC?

XoSheriff ♥♥♥

Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop

OK, call me a loser coz I just watched Miley’s latest video?! I already heard the song long time ago and how it created contorversies before watching the video. Im just wondering, How can UGLY JAY-Z hate Miley??? Maybe He’s just pressed because of Miley’s accomplishment and she doesnt need to buy anything or pay anyone just like what Beyonce did for all her Grammy awards.

I think this song is such an inspiration and very empowering. Fab and Fierce! Miley Cyrus to date is like Christina Aguilera’s Stripped era “Dirrty” even hot mess Snooki tweeted about it.

Im starting to Like Miley!



It’s exactly 1:20 PM and still not yet sleeping coz I’m really busy watching Spartacus. I arrived home at 9:30 AM, fetched my lil cousin at 10 then ate, watched TV and now I am currently in awe with all the men of Spartacus and how the series will end.  I think the series started last December of 2010 and it was a good thing I was able to watch this amazing epic series. I’m about to end Season 3 with only 2 episodes left but this effing DVD I bought in Quiapo is acting like a bitch, so what do I expect? It wont let me finish the exciting episodes. Argggghhhh, really frustrating. Anyway, I guess I have ni choice and I have to make it work. BTW, this is my first time blogging using my Sony Experia Acro S. It’s cool and easy. I downloaded the WordPress App in Google Playstore and……tada….  I can blog real time. Twitter Lang ang peg!  I discovered it long time ago, like 30 years pa pero ngayon ko lang siya ni Testing.

Finally Found Someone…

Welcoming you to my Official Blog

I never thought I will come at this moment of time wherein, I will create  a blog with WordPress. I feel excited but nervous at the same time because I’m not really TECHIE and there’s a lot of things that I need to learn. It took me a week to research about blogging, but up until now  I’m still confuse, I might need a web designer or a tutorial for this, so please bear with me. This isn’t my first time blogging and I have blogs on other website but having an account here is something. I finally found someone WordPress as a medium where I can post and blog about my whereabouts and the latest and interesting stuff that will come along my way. xoxo

Watch Out for my next entry