Pee Mak (Movie Review)

Pee Mak is a Thai comedy-horror film in Thailand that stared Davika Hoorne and one of the hottest Asian Superstar Mario Maurer. It’s the 2nd Thai movie I’ve watched with my cousins last night and can you believe that I’m still gushing about it? It only means that I really enjoyed the movie. Well I believe a lot of Asians enjoyed it too, making it the highest grossing film of all time in Thailand and in Asia.

The story revolves between Mae Nak and Pee Mak and the love they have for each other. It shows how powerful love that even death can’t put an end to it. Pee Mak’s friends played a big part and support in the movie that made it extremely funny. Their punchlines and facial expressions were remarkable I almost cried laughing. There were also scenes that was very touching and heartfelt you would really appreciate and realize that their love is extraordinary and unique. It’s a must see movie and I super love Mario Maurer. Imma watch it again!

Watch the trailer below.







K.I.S.S.xo (PG13)

For GAYS only. ūüėČ


I was browsing stuff on YouTube when I accidentally went to this page about Gays/Straight Guys kissing each other. I was like YUCK!!!!!!!!!! ¬†Just Kidding ūüėČ

Look what I found


WARNING: Strictly for Adults only…. but if you’re curious feel free to watch the videos, as if there’s a way for me to stop you. Enjoy!



Sensual right???

The power of Kiss will make you feel like you’re the happiest creature on earth. Well, that is if you’re kissing the person you love the most! But, I think sometime kissing is even¬†better¬†than having sex¬†(agree?).¬†Ansabe??!!

I’m planning to upload some hotter videos but I’m running late for work.

You??? Who would you like to kiss for fucking 3 straight hours???

Me??? The first men that came into my mind are David Beckham and Adam Levine.. Bet???

Ciao! Hugs and LOTSSSS of KISSES! Mwaaahhh!!!

Stay Fab and Fierce!

LOVE is…..???

Seeing the one you love loving someone else¬†hurts. However, its gives you a sense of¬†happiness because you know for a fact that he is happy. So it’s better to let go of that person no matter¬†how bad you want him because, all you care for is his¬†happiness. But seeing the one you love get hurts is something! It’s like you’re feeling what that person is going through, and what’s even more painful is that you can’t even console him or just ask him to just love you because you have no right. You’ll definitely want to make sure that he will no longer feel the pain and agony he’s experiencing and you’ll do everything just to make that person¬†happy. But one thing is for sure, no matter what happens¬†you will just be there for him everytime he needs you, cause all that matter is the LOVE that you have for that person.


For you, What Is LOVE?”