Something Fishy on a Saturday Morning

Don’t you just love doing Something Fishy with your friends? Yup! It’s fun when you do it with your friends and you can probably do it every morning most especially if you’re around the Libis area. In our case we did it last Saturday morning. Anyway, I’m talking about the breakfast buffet by Something Fishy in Eastwood. They serve different foods for breakfast from 12 midnight up to 10:00 AM.

After work, me and friends decided to go to Eastwood, Quezon City just to have breakfast. BTW we’re working in Makati City which is somewhat far, but it’s worth the travel because we had fun and it was my first time to check out the place and the food.

We left the office at around 8:00 AM, while waiting for the 2 girls we decided to smoke at the back of our company building and I pretended to be a professional photographer. Look at my masterpiece photos.

The very voluptuous and sexy Skye (Walang Kokontra!)

On our way to Eastwood, Libis

“Conceited Me”

My Friend Kaye and Cucuh

Here comes Somethin’ Fishy

There were a lot of people at the restaurant that early morning. The waitress escorted us at the 2nd floor, I noticed the gigantic tuna on the wall which I thought was cool. The table and its set-up was ordinarily boring but I liked their chair. I wasn’t that hungry but I got so excited with the foods I immediately got plenty of foods that made my plate really full (Takaw Mata/ Takaw Tingin). I got another plate for waffles and pancakes which was also LOADED! We were gossiping while eating and we were laughing really hard while making fun with each other that we can’t even breathe. I didn’t know that they have this Clean Plate Policy wherein you gotta pay for the leftover foods on your plate or else you have to pay for it. I’m not really sure if it’s true or maybe they were just making fun of me coz my 2 plates was really full and they would want me to suffer or something. I was cursing the pancit coz it was not delicious and I can’t finish it. Skye went back on the buffet table and I told him to just get something for me and I’d just have to share the food with him. Well, I actually didnt help him finish his foods and he was really full he got a tissue and put all the leftover foods inside his bags.We were so full we just made fun of our foods and took photos with them. That Somethin’ Fishy experience was amazing!

As far as I can remember here are the lists of foods on their buffet:

  • Garlic Rice
  • Plain Rice
  • Yang Chow Rice
  • Fried Lumpia Rolls
  • Pancit Canton
  • Tapa
  • Tocino
  • Scrambled and Omelet Eggs
  • Hotdogs
  • Chorizo
  • Longganisa
  • Chickens
  • Ham
  • Spicy and Spanish Sardines
  • Fried Bangus
  • Champorado
  • Soup
  • Mami
  • Tofu
  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • Garlic Bread
  • Toasted Bread
  • Syrups (Strawberry, Blueberry and Chocolates with Chocolate Sprinkles, Butter and Marsmallows)

There were still a lot of foods I can’t really remember, but to be honest???? it didn’t satisfy me. The foods were pretty ordinary and it’s not highly recommended. Unlike to the other buffets I’ve been to Somethin’ Fishy would be your last resort if you wanna have a buffet with your friends or family. I enjoyed the Lumpia, Hotdogs and Tocino also the Waffles and the Pancakes with it’s syrups and toppings.

But it’s not bad for a first try because I had fun and it’s not really about the food but the company you’re with. Not only that, but we only paid 239 bucks each with a bottomless Lemonade, which is so affordable. I will surely be back here ofcourse with Skye, Kaye and Cucuh.

After the lafang mode we walked around the area, went to Robinsons Supermarket to look for Tarts, unfortunately we didn’t find the one we’re looking for!

While roaming around Eastwood I took a lot of photos, feeling Photographer talaga. Thanks Cucuh for being my model!

Skye it’s pretty obvious that you can easily blow all that carts all over the place

It’s always fun doing Somethin’ Fishy with friends. I’ll definitely do it again!

Dapat pala ang title ng blog na to eh Somethin’ Fishy with Cucuh. Its all about her eh. hehe


Step-Up Revolution 4

I knew how to dance when I was younger, I just don’t know what happened now. Maybe because I grew taller (anong koneksiyon???) and I don’t have time to practice unlike before that I used to dance like every hour of the day. I can still remember joining to all the dance competition when I was in high school. Modern Dance, Ballroom Dance and even Folk Dance. I was also very fond of dancing to all the songs of Sexbomb Girls, from Spaghetti to Halukay Ube, Di ko na mapipigilan etc. (I Know Right! Baduy!), Jeniffer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I feel like I wanna learn how to dance again after watching Step-Up Revolution last weekend with friends. I was so amazed  with how the movie was created especially the choreography. Though the story was pretty predictable, it’s  kinda amazing and interesting.

It was a Saturday when Medz and I met at Mall of Asia, we were both bored and had nothing to do. We met at Greenwich at 3pm. I ordered their super heavy platter meal and ate it all by myself. (FYI, up until this moment, I’m still not gaining weight). After the Pig Out at Greenwich, we went to David’s Salon for Rever to treat our not so lovely foot, which I didn’t enjoy! Though the staff of David’s were accommodating and kind, I must say their service (Foot Spa + Pedicure) is not good enough for a 600 Pesos. I should have gone to cheaper salons along Espana Boulevard like Angles or Fresh Salon; 200 Pesos is fair enough!  Anyway, we did a little shopping because  MOA (Mall of Asia) was on SALE! I bought a fabulous watch with extra 5 colorful straps and a cute box for shades in Aldo. After a tiring shopping we ate at Chef D’ Angelo and met Apple.

Starving to Death! Loads of Carbo at Greenwich. (Rice, Chicken, Spaghetti, Pizza and 3pcs of Garlic Breads)

I was so full!!!

Medz took this photo while our foot were soaked in a hot small tub.

It was his idea to have our picture taken with these shoes at the background. So Gay!

I want those Colorful Neon Pumps Shoes at the background!!!

Bought 2 good finds in Aldo and a shirt at Bench.

Guy we met at Forever 21. It was Medz who wanted us to have a picture together. Infairness, this guy is a cutie in person!

Another Pig Out Moment at Chef D’ Angelo we both ordered Chicken with Rice Pasta and a Pizza.

“Still waiting for oder # 78” 🙂

I didn’t want to have a picture coz I was busy eating, but Medz was insisting! I even have a pasta inside my mouth when this photo was taken. Smile lang para di halata!

Yosi Break! (Picture taken by Apple)

With Apple who followed us to enjoy the night!

On our way to Sun Cellular Center to buy a broadband.

We watched the last full show of Step-Up Revolution around 11pm. At first we were thinking of what to watch, either Expendables 2 or the Ring 3.  I love horror but The Ring was no longer showing that time (pagod na siguro si Sadako). I’d love to watch Expendables 2 because I heard a lot of good reviews and the trailer was intense. The All star cast and A-lister Hollywood Actors is one of the good reason to watch this movie and I also have a huge crush on Bruce Willis, but it was SRO already 😦

We ended up watching Step-Up Revolution. The movie was simply amazing and very entertaining because there were rapid booty shaking and ofcourse a hot half naked guy (Ryan Guzman), which really impresses me. The music and choreography will make you stand up and dance inside the movie house, I was like dancing on my seat and the choreography and dance design are simply flawless in this movie.  Aside from the amazing plot of the story, there’s a lot of scene that you’re going to look forward to. The “Opening Scene” where they dances on the top of cars while it’s moving up and down. “The Art Gallery Exhibit Scene” which was really extravagant because it was colorful, the scene where “The Mob (name of the dance group), were all wearing suits while dancing  at the lobby of a certain property, “The Initiation to The Mob Scene”, the first time Emily (Kathryn McCormick) will join the gang in terms of dancing at a restaurant to promote their group and lastly, the “We are The Mob Scene” , wherein they showed to the world they really are and this is the scene where special characters from the previous Step-Up Movies appeared like, the Asian girl played by Maari Koda, Vladd played by Chad Smith and Moose one of  the most popular character from Step-Up 3D played by Adam Sevani. One thing I dont like is the acting skills of Ryan Guzman, its kinda lame. It’s a good thing that his gorgeous face and hot body turned me on. If you’re a dancer at heart, you’ll be inspired with this movie and It’s not just about entertainment! You’ll learn something from this movie like fighting for what you truly believed in and fighting for your loved ones; following your dreams and following your hearts desires, but most importantly never giving up and always aiming high.

Official Movie Poster of Step-Revolution 4

The Hot Lead Actor Ryan Guzman

Kathryn McCormick attending the LA Premier of her movie.

The Mobs wearing Suits

with Special Appearance of  Moose

After enjoying the Movie we went to Icebergs to have some lovely desserts before going home.

All Smiles because of the desserts?!

 Here’s what we order

  • Kahlua Sundae Ice Cream – 158.oo PHP / Mine
  • Caramel Flan with Mango – 128.oo PHP / Apple
  • Super Halo-Halo – 108.00 PHP / Medz

We accidentally met a friend who were currently staying at  Microtel Inn and Suites with her family.

I felt like I joined a Revolution because I was so tired that day, I immediately fell asleep when we arrived at Medz Apartment. We parted ways at 2am with exhaustion but with a little smile on our faces. I enjoyed that day.

Thanks Medz for letting me spent the night in your apartment and I apologize If I took your bed that night and you needed to sleep to another bed. hehehe.

Thanks Apple for joining us, you’ve been very consistent! Till our next escapades.


The Dark Knight Rises

I didn’t find Batman that amazing or interesting as a Superhero when I was kid. I can still remember my childhood friends conversation one time, they were saying that “Batman is the weakest and the most stupid superhero of all time”.  I just really didn’t care coz Darna and Storm of X-Men was my favorite superhero when I was a child. But after watching The Dark Knight especially The Dark Knight Rises, I proved them wrong.

I think it was last the weekend of July when we watched The Dark Knight Rises. A friend invited me to go to Spa with him and go to church afterwards, but then we just decided to watch movie and eat a lot. Meeting place was at Piandre coz I badly needed a haircut, unfortunately it was close so last option would be Tony and Jackey in Burgundy. I thought they were always great but I didn’t like my hair, it’s always a disaster with these Korean Hairstylist (walang kadala dala). Anyway, after a not so  wonderful trip in their salon we went to Greenbelt and Glorietta and ate a lot in Greenwich before watching the movie. I don’t like the movie house in Glorietta. For me it’s kinda small and I prefer those upper seats (on the middle please) far from the screen. We didn’t have any options because The Dark Knight Rises in Greenbelt 3 was sold out.

Before heading to the movie theater.

The Dark Knight

I wasn’t able to watch The Dark Knight in cinemas and it was a good thing that I watched it on DVD at home before watching the last  installment of Christopher Nolan‘s hit movie. The Dark Knight is an amazing, heart pounding movie not only because of Batman played by Christian Bale (who is amazingly hot), but because of The Joker played by the late Heath Ledger. Ledger’s acting was stellar and very convincing. Ledger outshines Bale when it comes to acting and I must say that Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker is one of the best performance of all time! May he rest in peace.


The Dark Knight Rises

Christoper Nolan didn’t fail to amuse all Batman fans around the world. He’s the reason why I now LOVE Batman. This masterpiece is better than Dark Knight and for me, this is one of the best movie of the year. Though it a huge worldwide hit, I wonder why it didn’t surpass The Dark Knight when it comes to the box office. The Dark Knight Rises is the 22nd-highest-grossing film of all time and is the 2nd for 2012.

Reasons why I love the movie:

  • Christian Bale is so HOT that he shouldn’t be aging so he can play the role of Batman for life. Let’s not give chance to others. LOL. Well, aside from his gorgeous face and body I guess his acting is better here compare to Dark Knight. I felt the pain when he was weak and when he couldn’t fight and save Gotham City because he was locked in some fucking place.
  • Anne Hathaway character as Catwoman. This girl is one of the Gorgeous creature on earth. She is so good athat she put Halle Berry on shame. A naughty and fierce cat who fell inlove with Batman! Do you agree that Bruce Wayne and Selina looks good together??? Another movie in the future??? Let’s hope so.
  • Tom Hardy as Bane. Though Bane can’t speak, Tom Hardy made me feel the fear of death and how powerful he is. He is tougher than Batman and is very brutal.
  • The Vehicles. As we all know Batman is such a Fabulous Superhero. The money, the girls, the mansion especially The modern Bat Bike, the Bat Mobiles and Batman’s flying vehicle are really amazing, I was in awe with all of these vehicle during the chasing scene.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A charmer and a cutie. He is the smart police officer who found out the true identity of Bruce Wayne. A hero in his own way.
  • Alfred and Lucius Fox – I admire their loyalty to Batman. They’re the reason behind Batman’s success as a superhero
  • The Action Scene; which was really intense and somewhat brutal. Especially the fight scene between Batman and Bane and the ofcourse the chasing scene.
  • The Twist of the story. – That’s for you to find out…. 😉

The Cast

 My Superhero “Batman”

I love everything about Batman. Gorgeous, Hot, Wealthy and Tough.

Christian Bale

This 38 year old award winning actor is such a hottie. He is the best ever actor who portrayed Batman. Ooopps George Clooney!

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Anne Hathaway who is such a gorgeous and talented actress, gave justice to her character as Catwoman.

They looked good together noh?

Batman VS Bane

Bane played by Tom Hardy

Bane character as one of the villain in this movie is really effective. I got scared of him and he is tougher than Batman.

Jordan Gordon-Levitt as Robin John Blake (The new Robin in the future?)

He plays the smart police officer/detective and is one of the good guys.“My New Crush”

After the movie, we decided to walk around, took pictures, little shopping and a little boy hunting ;). We also went to Mall of Asia for dinner but we were having a hard time to look for a restaurant to eat, coz there’s a lot to choose  from. We ended up eating in Classic Savory; the food was average but affordable. After eating we decided to go home and had to cancel our massage. We were stranded for like 30 minutes because of the freaking weather. The wind blew really strong and we were soaking wet but even if it was a tiring day, what important is we had fun and I got to know Batman really well 🙂

My first time to dine at Classic Savory

Yes I bought dumbbells to help me to gain weight, which was not even planned. #SpontaneousMe

I wanted to buy the Pink one but I think it was just 3-5 pounds so its useless. I thought the Purple (9 pounds) one was Fab.

Medz you can do it.

I’m really serious to gain weight. (2 cups of rice please!)

After watching The Dark Knight Rises I am now addicted to Batman. I’m even planning to have a tattoo of the Batman Logo on my nape. I’ll surely blog about it once I have it. 🙂

Even if it’s the last movie adaptation of Batman for Christoper Nolan, I’m still looking forward to the next chapter of this hit movie. I know it will never end coz we need Batman, and for sure fans will protest to Mendiola (hihi). I also believe that Robin will be part of the next Batman Movie and I hope it’s Jordan Gordon-Levitt who will play Batman’s sidekick. Do you think think Mr. Levitt can give justice to the role???  Who will play the new Batman??? Any suggestions???


An APPLE a day keeps the doctor away

Whenever I feel sick, I don’t take a rest or medications. I don’t know why but I will still try to push myself to the limits. I had a flu like 2 weeks ago but I still reported for work with enthusiasm and energy and I still managed to go out and have fun despite the headache and body pain.  Anyway, me and my friend went to Spada Spa and Massage Center, I felt relaxed and relieved but the next day I felt sick again. I wanted to go somewhere and ignore what I was feeling, I texted different people in my phone-book to just go out. I got the first response from someone I just met at the Massage parlor so I decided to go out with him. We met and ate at Kenny Rogers but he was boring me out or maybe I was not really feeling well. Luckily, Apple texted me and wanted to meet up.


I even tweeted and asked a friend to eat at our favorite restaurant in Binondo.

I left the guy and met Apple at Robinson Place in Ermita, Manila. It was the first time we went out together. We talked about anything under the sun and had so much fun!

We first went to Chocolate Spoon by Icebergs to have dessert. The last time I’ve been here was like a year ago so I totally forgot the location and had a hard time finding it, even the guards we asked doesn’t have any idea. It was like heaven when we finally found it.

I ordered Chocolate Banana Split Php 238 – didn’t like it!

Apple ordered M&M Rainbow Ice Cream Php 178- this one tastes better!

Afterwards, we went on “Window Shopping”. Saw a lot of great items at a very affordable prices, coz Robinson Manila was on Sale up to 70% off. A lot of fashionable items in Mango and Aldo, thankfully I managed not to buy anything.

Dinner Time

We decided to eat at Soi Thai Restaurant. You know how I love Spicy food especially Thai cuisine. The food there are super delicious and tasty! I loved the ambiance and most especially their staff were friendly and accommodating. The only negative thing that I can say was, during that time it was really hot and I think their AC was broken or something.

Love the Ceiling Lamp


Whenever I go to Thai Restaurant I always order Bagoong Rice – Php 188.

Fried Spring Rolls Php 148

Tom Kha Kai Php 280

Here comes the survey. Sige na nga! Everything was Excellent. 🙂

Meet Apple!!!

We then watched the last full show of Bourne Legacy Starring Jeremy Rener and Rachel Weisz (which I will Blog in the near fututre). We went home at around past 1AM.

So I guess it’s true that an Apple a day keeps the doctor away! Goodbye Headache and Body Pain, I felt bette! Till our next escapade Apple! I had fun!


The Old Spaghetti House

I’m not Italian but I LOVE Pasta, I guess many Filipinos like it and the most popular one is Spaghetti. I can still remember the joy and excitement it brings everytime my Mom cooks Spaghetti when I was a kid, I was like the happiest kid in town.What about you, do you feel the same way when you were a kid?

Now that I’m all grown up, my standards when it comes to spaghetti is not exactly the same when I was a little kid. I want my Pasta to be ”oh sooo” delicious with a little taste of spiciness, and when it comes to that, The Old Spaghetti House is my favorite.

The moment you enter the restaurant you will notice their Old School concept and their friendly staff will greet you with their warmest smile. (Siyempre may Service Charge eh! hehe).

The last time I visited The Old Spaghetti House was last week. Here’s some of the perfect and clear photos I’ve taken.

In all fairness she looks kind and pretty noh?!

Here’s what I ordered

Seafood Marinara (P195)

I asked the cook to add a little more spiciness into it and I liked it (try to put some Parmesan Cheese too!). It has Shrimp, Oyster, Clams and Green Mussels (Tahong). Deadmaru na lang sa Garlic Bread coz for me it’s useless. A Must Try is Gambasetti (P195).

Funnel Cake with cream (P100+)

It was good but not that amazing. Chaka ng designs noh?! I love the plate though, we used to have this kind of plate wayback (super bigat lang, sarap pakilo sa junk shop).

I also love their theme. The place is really cool and relaxing with the music they’re playing and the ambiance they have.  The Old Spaghetti house is a perfect treat for the Pasta Lovers and for everyone.

 Ceilings and Walls are made out of woods

They also have these unique pieces

I love the different hanging lamps on the ceiling for each table.

A perfect place for couples who wants to go on a date.

Huli kayo!!!! Hahaha

You can also celebrate your Birthday Party here.

So True!

They have branches and outlets for delivery. For all contact information like Phone Numbers, Locations, Facebook and Twitter click this ——>>>>> The Old Spaghetti House

Have you been here? Please share your ideas and thoughts by leaving a comment.


Dead Rat, Jatujak (My Rest Day) Pt. 1

Rest Day or Day Off is a day when we are not required to work our ass off.  All employees and hard workers are looking forward to their “Rest Days” , who’s not??? , some will plan it ahead of time and everyone deserves to have an amazing Rest Day.  Here’s what happened on “My Rest Day”. Unplanned, Unexpected, and oh so Spontaneous!

Friday, May 11, 2012, My Rest Day. I woke up at around 9 AM, had breakfast and did the laundry (Yes, I do my own laundry and I’m proud of it!). It was just the usual and typical Rest Day for me. Suddenly, a horrifying, terrifying near to death experience came up…


I decided to take a bath while doing my laundry because it was really hot. The moment I came out of the bathroom (Siyempre Freshness!), I heard My Aunt and Cousin screaming to death. I knew by then what was happening, I sensed it right away. They saw a Huge Dead Rat under the sofa chair in our living room. I can see how terrified and disgusted they were. Anyway,  My Aunt, wants me to take that HUGE Dead Rat and dispose it. I was like thinking, “they are both Nurses, isn’t it just normal for them to see  dead creatures, or they might be tripping, joking or something”, but they were Bloody SERIOUS. I had no choice but to obey my Aunt, she’s been very kind, understanding and patient with me. She never asked me much of  a favor, especially any of the household chore (Prinsesa lang?!). So, I had to be strong, calm and focus. It took me a couple of minutes to dispose that fucking rat and it really stinks. After I completed the task I felt relieve and somewhat proud, I was like the Wonderwoman OR  Superman of the day. I even Tweeted the incident and post it on My Facebook Account.

KYOHO means (a Gay Lingo) means Mabaho, Bad Smell, Stinky.


The next highlight of “My Rest Day” —> I went to Medical Plaza in Ortigas, to visit my Dentist. Unfortunately, I wasnt able to meet her because I was late, I think I arrived at around 6pm. I was really dissapointed, and since I was starving I went to SM Megamall and went straight to Jatujak (Thai Restaurant), one of my favorite restaurant. I ignored all the Sales and Shops because I was soo hungry! Deadmaru muna akez sa mga Sales and I intended to avoid Window Shoppping (mahirap na! haha).

I read somewhere that Jatujak is the largest weekend market in Bangkok and in the world – a haven for bargain hunters and Thai food lovers. According to WikipediaChatuchak (or JatujakThai: จตุจักร) weekend market in Bangkok is the largest market in Thailand. WHATEVER! hehe

Anyway, I love the foods in Jatujak Thai Restaurant and how they prepare it. It doesnt look like a high end resto (heads up for the feeling Conos and Sosyals. hehe), but I believe it shouldn’t be the case or the basis for you guys to enjoy your Rest Day, what important is how delicious their food is. I love the ambience of their Resto, it’s very simple and laid back, very comfortable and you will feel like you are really in Thailand (though I’ve never been there). The waiters uniform is a FAIL, very Thai! I dont like it, but its okay. The waiters naman are kind and very accommodating. Here’s what I ordered:

Bagoong Rice and Thai Pad Mix

Bagoong Rice and Thai Pad Mix (Super Spicy Please)

Forgive me with the photo, Im a bad photographer and my Blackberry Camera Phone Sucks, that is why I did’nt take a lot of pictures.

Here’s a proper picture of what I ordered.

Bagoong Rice (P165)

Bagoong Rice – My All Time Favorite! It has chopped Mangoes, Cucumber, Eggs and Beef on the side. I think before, If Im not mistaken, they used to have Dilis and Shrimps as part of the Toppings. Dunno what happened?!

Pad Thai Mix (P265)

The reason why its called Pad Thai Mix, its because it has a combination of “Mix”of Chicken and Shrimp. You can choose either Pad Thai Chicken or Pad Thai Shrimp. I just thought to my self while ordering, “Why Choose, If I can have them both”.

Thai Iced Tea (P100+)

At first I didnt like the taste and the smell of this Tea. I was like “Damn It! Sayang! I should’ve ordered Service Water instead!” But, when you started eating your  spicy and delicious meal, you’ll enjoy it. Thai Iced Tea compliments the spiciness and the taste of the Bagoong Rice. Try It!

You also have an option if you like your meal to be Super Spicy– to Medium or just the Normal Taste.

All the servings and meals are good for 2-3 persons. Well, as always di ko naubos, so nag take-out ako and just gave it to a friend.

Stores Location (Click the link) —->  Jatujak, SM MegamallJatujak, SM The BlockJatujak, SM Mall of Asia

Too Tired  of going to these biggest Malls in the Philippines? and worried about the traffic?, they also DELIVERS  <— CLICK!!!

Now that’s the 1st part of my Blog Entry. Im running out of time and I need to prepare for work! Watch Out for my next entry..

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