Unpredictable Me

I went to SM Manila last week to buy adaptor plug in Ace Hardware. I was looking for a pink one but unfortunately I got the boring and plain white. Anyway, I suddenly found myself wandering and searching for a book in National Bookstore. I didn’t know what was I thinking but I was very eager to find any book to read.

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 3 people responded to my tweet and suggested books to read (deadmabelles lang!)

And this is what I got

"Pilates and Yoga Book"

PILATES YOGA by Judith Smith, Emily Kelly and Jonathan Monks

I’m not the type of person who is health conscious. I don’t exercise, I drink, I smoke and this book???? hahaha… But I am excited to read it and do Pilates and Yoga. I just hope I have a partner who will teach me the proper way to do all these stuff and most importantly, I hope I can find time for this thing. I know it’s possible coz Im unpredictable… (anong koneksyon..)

I’ll update you once I learn how to! Say YES to a Healthy Lifestyle! Char!