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It’s exactly 1:20 PM and still not yet sleeping coz I’m really busy watching Spartacus. I arrived home at 9:30 AM, fetched my lil cousin at 10 then ate, watched TV and now I am currently in awe with all the men of Spartacus and how the series will end.  I think the series started last December of 2010 and it was a good thing I was able to watch this amazing epic series. I’m about to end Season 3 with only 2 episodes left but this effing DVD I bought in Quiapo is acting like a bitch, so what do I expect? It wont let me finish the exciting episodes. Argggghhhh, really frustrating. Anyway, I guess I have ni choice and I have to make it work. BTW, this is my first time blogging using my Sony Experia Acro S. It’s cool and easy. I downloaded the WordPress App in Google Playstore and……tada….  I can blog real time. Twitter Lang ang peg!  I discovered it long time ago, like 30 years pa pero ngayon ko lang siya ni Testing.