Busy October?!

A lot of things happened since the last time I posted an entry here on my blog. My lazy ass is very alarming and I know it’s a big NO for a blogger. I’m also not that active on Facebook especially on Twitter, though I’m always online most of the time.

I haven’t lost my interest in blogging, It’s just that I was just busy with a lot of stuff.

A LOT of fun and unexpected things happened last month. Lemme’ try my very best to remember some of the highlights of my October.

I welcomed the month of October with a blast. I went to Centrale Bar in Makati City which was fun and very spontaneous. A lot of hot boys and girls hanging out there and this bar is always full.

I met a hot guy who treated me and a friend for a bucket of beer, I forgot his name though. It just so happened that this guy is a Police Officer or something/ SOCO which was really interesting. Anyway, I loved his eyes and smile and of course his built, though he was wearing shorts he still looks hot especially the moment he rode on his motorcycle. Too bad I didn’t took a photo of him Yummy eh!

SHOCKING! Before we left the bar I saw the bouncer handed him his gun which I though was cool! I felt somewhat scared but more of SAFE as hell at the same time. We went to Guadalupe and checked in at a cheapo hotel.

Haaayy I would love to see the police guy again with his gun pointing at me! 🙂

Here are some of the pics at Centrale Bar!

Smoking inside the premises is not allowed! Effort to go outside just to smoke but its fine coz you can see lots of cuties!

Guy on the background was trying to be friendly with us. Epal lang ang peg niya!

Serious? Mad? Bored?

Cleavage!!! 🙂

Cleavage 2!!!!!!!!!!!

Cleavage 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG Oiliness!!!

Looks familiar??? Yes! She’s the face of a cheapo motel in the Philippines 🙂

After the Xperience, breakfast at Chowking before going home. WASTED!

General Cleaning??? No Thanks! But YES to Faggotry!

My cousin was cleaning our room and a lot of stuff were scattered on the floor. Instead of helping her, I wore a dress and a wedge before she threw it all away. Thanks cuz for taking the photos.

I just woke up and my face looked swollen.

I can’t zip it properly because the dress was small.

Please pardon my legs. Yaass I hate shaving!!!

Welcome Home

My Favorite Aunt also arrived from Saudi Arabia (where I was born). She gave me stuff like perfume (which I already lost), clothes and a jeans from GAP and this watch from Kenneth Cole.

And Then….

Party and drinking session here and there.

Worked my ass off.

Got sick!

Went to Massage!

Party and drinking session again!

What else happened? Hhhhmmmm… Things that I’m not allowed to blog.. PAK!

What else????

I also went to the wake of my friends’ grandfather.

Those peeps at my back were so busy and focused betting and playing cards like Pusoy, Tong-It and In Between.

Paparazzi picture of my crush who is mysterious and extremely hot.

Yaaass that guy wearing black tank top with tattoos.

I also went partying at Bed Club in Malate for their Friday Divalicious which featured my Queen Christina Aguilera.


with Medz

Hot Guys grooving to the music of X-T-I-N-A

Partying till the early morning

Some of the photos are blurry and I really don’t know what went wrong to my Sony Xperia phone.

Thanks Medz for supporting Christina Aguilera especially for waiting for me for like 2 hours. We had a BLAST!!!

I also went to La Mesa Eco Park with the family. It was my first time there and I loved it. It’s been a while since the last time we went out and this one was fun. We don’t have much time to go out and even talk at home because we’re all busy bee.

I sat beside the driver and IMAGIN???

Conceited Me..

Guys whats with the commotion???


Anyone TOP there?? BOTTOM here!!! ahahaha 😉


Nice One Ton 🙂

With the Pretty and Simple NESH 🙂

“Someday I will own a PARK!!!!!”

Go and Visit La Mesa Dam Eco Park in Quezon City. It’s perfect for family bonding especially during Sundays. The place is relaxing and because of its fresh air and the beauty of nature is breathtaking. Plus, there’s a lot of activities that you can do like Swimming, Bungee Jumping (even for kids), Horse Riding, Nature Tripping, Paint Ball and a lot of things. 🙂

To be continued…..

Stay Fierce and Fab! xoxo


One thought on “Busy October?!

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