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The Old Spaghetti House

I’m not Italian but I LOVE Pasta, I guess many Filipinos like it and the most popular one is Spaghetti. I can still remember the joy and excitement it brings everytime my Mom cooks Spaghetti when I was a kid, I was like the happiest kid in town.What about you, do you feel the same way when you were a kid?

Now that I’m all grown up, my standards when it comes to spaghetti is not exactly the same when I was a little kid. I want my Pasta to be ”oh sooo” delicious with a little taste of spiciness, and when it comes to that, The Old Spaghetti House is my favorite.

The moment you enter the restaurant you will notice their Old School concept and their friendly staff will greet you with their warmest smile. (Siyempre may Service Charge eh! hehe).

The last time I visited The Old Spaghetti House was last week. Here’s some of the perfect and clear photos I’ve taken.

In all fairness she looks kind and pretty noh?!

Here’s what I ordered

Seafood Marinara (P195)

I asked the cook to add a little more spiciness into it and I liked it (try to put some Parmesan Cheese too!). It has Shrimp, Oyster, Clams and Green Mussels (Tahong). Deadmaru na lang sa Garlic Bread coz for me it’s useless. A Must Try is Gambasetti (P195).

Funnel Cake with cream (P100+)

It was good but not that amazing. Chaka ng designs noh?! I love the plate though, we used to have this kind of plate wayback (super bigat lang, sarap pakilo sa junk shop).

I also love their theme. The place is really cool and relaxing with the music they’re playing and the ambiance they have.  The Old Spaghetti house is a perfect treat for the Pasta Lovers and for everyone.

 Ceilings and Walls are made out of woods

They also have these unique pieces

I love the different hanging lamps on the ceiling for each table.

A perfect place for couples who wants to go on a date.

Huli kayo!!!! Hahaha

You can also celebrate your Birthday Party here.

So True!

They have branches and outlets for delivery. For all contact information like Phone Numbers, Locations, Facebook and Twitter click this ——>>>>> The Old Spaghetti House

Have you been here? Please share your ideas and thoughts by leaving a comment.


Unpredictable Me

I went to SM Manila last week to buy adaptor plug in Ace Hardware. I was looking for a pink one but unfortunately I got the boring and plain white. Anyway, I suddenly found myself wandering and searching for a book in National Bookstore. I didn’t know what was I thinking but I was very eager to find any book to read.

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 3 people responded to my tweet and suggested books to read (deadmabelles lang!)

And this is what I got

"Pilates and Yoga Book"

PILATES YOGA by Judith Smith, Emily Kelly and Jonathan Monks

I’m not the type of person who is health conscious. I don’t exercise, I drink, I smoke and this book???? hahaha… But I am excited to read it and do Pilates and Yoga. I just hope I have a partner who will teach me the proper way to do all these stuff and most importantly, I hope I can find time for this thing. I know it’s possible coz Im unpredictable… (anong koneksyon..)

I’ll update you once I learn how to! Say YES to a Healthy Lifestyle! Char!