Dead Rat, Jatujak (My Rest Day) Pt. 1

Rest Day or Day Off is a day when we are not required to work our ass off.  All employees and hard workers are looking forward to their “Rest Days” , who’s not??? , some will plan it ahead of time and everyone deserves to have an amazing Rest Day.  Here’s what happened on “My Rest Day”. Unplanned, Unexpected, and oh so Spontaneous!

Friday, May 11, 2012, My Rest Day. I woke up at around 9 AM, had breakfast and did the laundry (Yes, I do my own laundry and I’m proud of it!). It was just the usual and typical Rest Day for me. Suddenly, a horrifying, terrifying near to death experience came up…


I decided to take a bath while doing my laundry because it was really hot. The moment I came out of the bathroom (Siyempre Freshness!), I heard My Aunt and Cousin screaming to death. I knew by then what was happening, I sensed it right away. They saw a Huge Dead Rat under the sofa chair in our living room. I can see how terrified and disgusted they were. Anyway,  My Aunt, wants me to take that HUGE Dead Rat and dispose it. I was like thinking, “they are both Nurses, isn’t it just normal for them to see  dead creatures, or they might be tripping, joking or something”, but they were Bloody SERIOUS. I had no choice but to obey my Aunt, she’s been very kind, understanding and patient with me. She never asked me much of  a favor, especially any of the household chore (Prinsesa lang?!). So, I had to be strong, calm and focus. It took me a couple of minutes to dispose that fucking rat and it really stinks. After I completed the task I felt relieve and somewhat proud, I was like the Wonderwoman OR  Superman of the day. I even Tweeted the incident and post it on My Facebook Account.

KYOHO means (a Gay Lingo) means Mabaho, Bad Smell, Stinky.


The next highlight of “My Rest Day” —> I went to Medical Plaza in Ortigas, to visit my Dentist. Unfortunately, I wasnt able to meet her because I was late, I think I arrived at around 6pm. I was really dissapointed, and since I was starving I went to SM Megamall and went straight to Jatujak (Thai Restaurant), one of my favorite restaurant. I ignored all the Sales and Shops because I was soo hungry! Deadmaru muna akez sa mga Sales and I intended to avoid Window Shoppping (mahirap na! haha).

I read somewhere that Jatujak is the largest weekend market in Bangkok and in the world – a haven for bargain hunters and Thai food lovers. According to WikipediaChatuchak (or JatujakThai: จตุจักร) weekend market in Bangkok is the largest market in Thailand. WHATEVER! hehe

Anyway, I love the foods in Jatujak Thai Restaurant and how they prepare it. It doesnt look like a high end resto (heads up for the feeling Conos and Sosyals. hehe), but I believe it shouldn’t be the case or the basis for you guys to enjoy your Rest Day, what important is how delicious their food is. I love the ambience of their Resto, it’s very simple and laid back, very comfortable and you will feel like you are really in Thailand (though I’ve never been there). The waiters uniform is a FAIL, very Thai! I dont like it, but its okay. The waiters naman are kind and very accommodating. Here’s what I ordered:

Bagoong Rice and Thai Pad Mix

Bagoong Rice and Thai Pad Mix (Super Spicy Please)

Forgive me with the photo, Im a bad photographer and my Blackberry Camera Phone Sucks, that is why I did’nt take a lot of pictures.

Here’s a proper picture of what I ordered.

Bagoong Rice (P165)

Bagoong Rice – My All Time Favorite! It has chopped Mangoes, Cucumber, Eggs and Beef on the side. I think before, If Im not mistaken, they used to have Dilis and Shrimps as part of the Toppings. Dunno what happened?!

Pad Thai Mix (P265)

The reason why its called Pad Thai Mix, its because it has a combination of “Mix”of Chicken and Shrimp. You can choose either Pad Thai Chicken or Pad Thai Shrimp. I just thought to my self while ordering, “Why Choose, If I can have them both”.

Thai Iced Tea (P100+)

At first I didnt like the taste and the smell of this Tea. I was like “Damn It! Sayang! I should’ve ordered Service Water instead!” But, when you started eating your  spicy and delicious meal, you’ll enjoy it. Thai Iced Tea compliments the spiciness and the taste of the Bagoong Rice. Try It!

You also have an option if you like your meal to be Super Spicy– to Medium or just the Normal Taste.

All the servings and meals are good for 2-3 persons. Well, as always di ko naubos, so nag take-out ako and just gave it to a friend.

Stores Location (Click the link) —->  Jatujak, SM MegamallJatujak, SM The BlockJatujak, SM Mall of Asia

Too Tired  of going to these biggest Malls in the Philippines? and worried about the traffic?, they also DELIVERS  <— CLICK!!!

Now that’s the 1st part of my Blog Entry. Im running out of time and I need to prepare for work! Watch Out for my next entry..

Leave a comment and tell me what you think about my blog! Say whatever you wanna say, I would appreciate the positive and negative feedbacks. That would be really helpful… and oh dont forget to Follow me and Subscribe to my Blog.


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